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4784 5926d 08h fschmid / Fixed bug #3205.
Fixed bug #3238, but this needs some more investigation, as the provided sample docs have some strange values inside. Something is wrong in "Copy to Masterpage" or "Duplicate Masterpage"
4783 5926d 15h cbradney / Add in some basic comments to the multiprogress bar dialog  
4782 5926d 15h cbradney / When reselecting a locked frame, make sure width and height are setreadonly too.  
4781 5926d 17h cbradney / #3309: Store mrdocs new shortcut in default code, and update the keyset xml file with the extra actions.  
4780 5926d 17h mrdocs / 1.3.x specific updates for the new lprof profiler  
4779 5926d 23h avox / Fix regression wrt. #1091; support for indexed colorspaces  
4778 5927d 00h mrdocs / resolves # 3309  
4777 5927d 00h avox / Fix for #3306. Stupid, stupid error!  
4776 5927d 01h cbradney / #2336: Fix addition of new checker profiles to list  
4775 5927d 02h mrdocs / updated for lprof  
4774 5927d 02h mrdocs / updated for lprof in place of the old lcms profiler  
4773 5927d 02h cbradney / #3281: Fix missing fractions in inches on hruler/vruler when ruler position is negative  
4772 5927d 03h cbradney / Remove scpainter.h include from pageitem.h  
4771 5927d 06h mrdocs / *** empty log message ***  
4770 5927d 14h avox / Fix for #3304: wrong PS import when fillrule nonzero (winding) was required  
4769 5927d 16h mrdocs / new screenies for lprof  
4768 5927d 18h mrdocs / update IRC and ML search listing  
4767 5927d 18h mrdocs / updates  
4766 5927d 19h mrdocs / update with new ML search engine and links  
4765 5927d 23h cbradney / #3297: Fixed not setting of currentpage after the target master was set.  

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