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4886 5995d 18h mrdocs / almost a complete redo  
4885 5995d 19h cbradney / Fix missing change of first page string on page palette  
4884 5995d 23h mrdocs / updates  
4883 5996d 02h subik / #3378: Barcode Generator: Wrong descriptions when changig the code type  
4882 5996d 05h cbradney / Bump about date  
4881 5996d 05h cbradney / #3376: Make sure SE only offers existing unicode chars in fonts. Also fixes some incorrectly enabled unicode chars in canvas edit mode.  
4880 5996d 19h cbradney / Update German translation, including new Traditional German  
4879 5996d 19h cbradney / #ifdef the autoraise for home button on custom file dialog.  
4878 5996d 19h cbradney / Fix group resize bug with snap to guides on.
Wrap drag resize in a transaction when required to trap the move/resize ops we do internally.
4877 5996d 20h cbradney / #3375: Updated pt_BR translation
Updated en_GB translation
4876 5997d 01h mrdocs / typos  
4875 5997d 01h mrdocs / typos  
4874 5997d 06h mrdocs / more updates from Volker  
4873 5997d 06h mrdocs / updated with new French and German forum info  
4872 5997d 09h mrdocs / updated with new strings  
4871 5997d 18h mrdocs / updates to the qm/po files  
4870 5997d 19h mrdocs / updates to the qm/po files  
4869 5997d 19h cbradney / Fix from jghali for large toolbar buttons  
4868 5997d 19h cbradney / Fix wacky resize issue since selection replaced selitem when resizing groups on properties palette.  
4867 5997d 19h cbradney / Remove avox's leftover qdebug..  

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