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4900 5748d 07h mrdocs / resolves #3394,#3395 Catalan and German translation updates  
4899 5748d 07h mrdocs / add Christian Schaefer to the De translators  
4898 5748d 08h cbradney / Bump about date  
4897 5748d 09h tsoots / Fixed the fux0red text frame's info menu (bug #3050)  
4896 5748d 12h cbradney / #3393: Polish update.  
4895 5748d 12h subik / dialog mockup for Craig's innocent child eyes ;)  
4894 5748d 13h subik / #3387: Enlarge text field in the short words dialog  
4893 5748d 15h cbradney / #3383: Fix the strange emit for text colour change that I wondered about ages ago. Style menu changes now affect mpalette.  
4892 5748d 16h cbradney / #3156: Patch from Jean to allow saving of window maximised state  
4891 5748d 16h cbradney / #3382: Reverse properties palette flip button as rewritten setting code doesnt require to ! the value.  
4890 5748d 17h cbradney / #3391, #3392: da and ca translation updates  
4889 5748d 19h fschmid / Fixed Bug #3204  
4888 5749d 05h cbradney / Convert direct call to Amode in the view to emit Amode

#3390: Fix undo of pageitem creation/redo of deletion where we are in text mode editing the item.
4887 5749d 05h mrdocs / almost a complete redo  
4886 5749d 05h mrdocs / almost a complete redo  
4885 5749d 05h cbradney / Fix missing change of first page string on page palette  
4884 5749d 09h mrdocs / updates  
4883 5749d 13h subik / #3378: Barcode Generator: Wrong descriptions when changig the code type  
4882 5749d 16h cbradney / Bump about date  
4881 5749d 16h cbradney / #3376: Make sure SE only offers existing unicode chars in fonts. Also fixes some incorrectly enabled unicode chars in canvas edit mode.  

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