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5019 5908d 04h cbradney / #3465: Update Russian translation  
5018 5908d 05h avox / Fix for #3504, reduce warnings for broken fonts  
5017 5908d 06h cbradney / Add in some extra view updatecontents calls to make sure text is rewrapped when items are moved with arrow keys or properties palette  
5016 5908d 06h cbradney / Add new line at end of file  
5015 5908d 07h mrdocs / fix a typo and update the change log  
5014 5908d 09h mrdocs / fix a typo in a url  
5013 5908d 09h fschmid / Fixed bug #3434 and fixed another issue with moving groups with the mouse and guide snapping turned on.  
5012 5908d 10h mrdocs / add Peter ��uhalev SL Translator  
5011 5908d 10h mrdocs / add Peter ��uhalev SL Translator resolve #3506  
5010 5908d 14h fschmid / Fixed Bug #3469  
5009 5909d 02h mrdocs / start to document some new features  
5008 5909d 02h mrdocs / fix stupid typos  
5007 5909d 03h mrdocs / bump the date  
5006 5909d 06h avox / Avoid empty pages  
5005 5909d 06h cbradney / Zoom check code reduction  
5004 5909d 06h cbradney / Draw new when importing PS and using the progress dialog  
5003 5909d 07h cbradney / Final 1.3.3 German update  
5002 5909d 09h cbradney / Update align distribute icons to inkscape svn ones  
5001 5909d 09h mrdocs / added docs and screenies for PDF effects  
5000 5909d 10h avox / Don't show progress of PS import  

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