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5048 5682d 15h mrdocs / bump the versions to 1.3.4cvs  
5047 5682d 16h subik / quick hack for Mac plugin load order  
5046 5682d 17h subik / obsolete items removed  
5045 5682d 19h / This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag
5044 5682d 19h fschmid / Fix for sometimes incorrect ScribusView::PageToPixmap rendering.  
5043 5682d 19h cbradney / Move the fr.po to frpo.po for keeping it around and making stats generation simpler  
5042 5682d 19h cbradney / 3514: Update French translation. They have moved to TS. Keeping old PO file in for now.  
5041 5682d 22h tsoots / Further tune the ugly hack  
5040 5683d 00h tsoots / Fine tuned the hack for the moving objects issue (when undoing page deletion)  
5039 5683d 07h tsoots / Fixed the moving objects bug when undoing page deletion  
5038 5683d 08h mrdocs / bump the date  
5037 5683d 08h cbradney / #3510: Remove console shortcuts  
5036 5683d 08h cbradney / #3511: Readd in frame edit by double click on polygon etc.  
5035 5683d 10h tsoots / Make sure setUndoEnabled(true) has it's setUndoEnabled(false)  
5034 5683d 10h cbradney / *TIFF -> *.TIFF  
5033 5683d 11h tsoots / Add guides into the page deletion undo action  
5032 5683d 12h cbradney / #3508. Catalan update  
5031 5683d 19h cbradney / Do not allow text frame to other frame type linking and unllinking  
5030 5683d 20h mrdocs / add #3438  
5029 5684d 07h cbradney / Init fpoint to 0,0 and remove gcc 4.1.0 warning.  

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