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5191 5976d 00h tsoots / backported doc importer  
5190 5976d 00h avox / operators for better int->StyleFlag conversion  
5189 5976d 01h cbradney / New cmake adjustments for preflight and SE  
5188 5976d 01h cbradney / Add new preflight icon and 16x16 SE icon. Use them.  
5187 5976d 01h avox / Missing file for NLS API changes  
5186 5976d 01h / This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag
5185 5976d 01h mrdocs / last tweaks  
5184 5976d 01h avox / NLS Api changes: encapsulate ParagraphStyle fields, relate ParagraphStyle to CharStyle, use #ifdef NLS_PROTO  
5183 5976d 01h mrdocs / updates  
5182 5976d 01h tsoots / applied jghali's patch for 3598  
5181 5976d 01h tsoots / applied jghali's patch for 3598  
5180 5976d 02h cbradney / Also install newly used icons from cmake  
5179 5976d 02h cbradney / Use some more new icons  
5178 5976d 05h mrdocs / jean's fixes for #3552  
5177 5976d 06h mrdocs / apply jghalis fix for #3552 - works here  
5176 5976d 06h mrdocs / bump the date and update the change log  
5175 5976d 07h mrdocs / backport the #3586 fixes and the grid speedup fixes  
5174 5976d 08h cbradney / Fix include and link when no cmd line cmake for libart/cairo specified.  
5173 5976d 09h cbradney / Install new icons from cmake too  
5172 5976d 09h tsoots / Add regular polygons to the new object creation system  

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