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5267 5919d 17h cbradney / Icon name typo  
5266 5919d 17h cbradney / Use the new icons. New bezier curve tool icon, plus the first 8 of the shape drawing ones. Updates to come for these with harder outline.  
5265 5919d 17h cbradney / More new icons  
5264 5920d 00h tsoots / don't use heap if not needed  
5263 5920d 00h tsoots / don't use heap if not needed  
5262 5920d 01h tsoots / don't use heap if not needed  
5261 5920d 15h cbradney / Fix S&R oops  
5260 5920d 16h fschmid / Fixed the crash of Preview Mode on libart build, but i'm getting now lots of funny effects. Seems that the ScPainter in PageToPixmap and drawContents are affecting each other.  
5259 5920d 16h cbradney / Move clipboard connection signals to avoid them being hit before main window actions are completed  
5258 5920d 17h cbradney / Hide StyleManager a little longer  
5257 5920d 17h cbradney / More changes to ScribusCore. Parent the properties palette to a qwidget held by ScribusCore. Fix up some mode actions in actionmanager.  
5256 5920d 21h mrdocs / updates for 1.2.5, clean up a tool tip and bump the date  
5255 5920d 21h mrdocs / a bunch of updates for 1.2.5 and a new doc on numbering pages..  
5254 5920d 21h mrdocs / new doc on page numbering  
5253 5920d 23h mrdocs / updated .da translation resolved # 3665  
5252 5920d 23h mrdocs / reolves #3666 updated .da translation  
5251 5921d 04h fschmid / Added small thumbnails to the "Manage Picture" dialog.  
5250 5921d 06h fschmid / Additional fix for #3657, line width spinbox supports now all units.  
5249 5921d 14h mrdocs / fixes for #3663 and some Win32 specific code updates from Jean  
5248 5921d 14h mrdocs / fixes for #3663 from Jean and some Win32 specific code  

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