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5335 5696d 03h avox / workaround for #3661  
5334 5696d 05h cbradney / Move the align distribute functions out of the palette and into the document code. This means scripter can use this code too now, and of course, less code in the GUI.  
5333 5696d 06h avox / workaround for #3661  
5332 5696d 11h subik / cannot draw vertical lines by scripter createLine() + non-needed redraws removed.  
5331 5697d 00h avox / fix #3661. looks like FT 2.1.10 is lying to us  
5330 5697d 01h cbradney / Tooltip for rescan button. Only rescan if the current value for the tool is not valid (file exists), does not test if exe is also in the path.  
5329 5697d 02h cbradney / CMake changes for new prefs tab  
5328 5697d 02h cbradney / Update the ts/po/qm/pro/pot files  
5327 5697d 02h cbradney / Remove tr call around empty string  
5326 5697d 02h cbradney / Move prefs external tools out of prefs.cpp and into a new .ui file. Add in a rescan button. Needs code for non win32 rescan for gs.  
5325 5697d 06h mrdocs / fix for missing image  
5324 5697d 09h cbradney / Remove reference to missing tutorials dir.  
5323 5698d 00h avox / check for index >= 0 before accessing docParagraphStyles  
5322 5698d 01h mrdocs / bump the date and make a new 134cvs tarball  
5321 5698d 03h avox / savety check for #3668  
5320 5698d 03h fschmid / Object dependend overprinting is now implemented for ps and pdf output, resolves Bugs #1959 and #3687  
5319 5698d 03h avox / fix #3639  
5318 5698d 03h avox / fix #3530  
5317 5698d 03h avox / fix #3124  
5316 5698d 12h fschmid / Overprint mode is now more correct.  

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