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5521 5598d 12h avox / fix endian test for big machines  
5520 5598d 13h mrdocs / add missing Dzongha files  
5519 5598d 13h / This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'Version133x'.  
5518 5598d 13h mrdocs / bump the date 133x does not have the months in commonstrings  
5517 5598d 13h mrdocs / New Translation # 3840, #3806 new icon and bump the date  
5516 5598d 14h cbradney / Add 1.2.x Icelandic to langmgr in case it moves forward.  
5515 5598d 14h mrdocs / New Greek Translation # 3840  
5514 5598d 14h mrdocs / file scribus.el.po was initially added on branch Version13x.  
5513 5598d 14h mrdocs / file scribus.el.qm was initially added on branch Version13x.  
5512 5598d 21h subik / defaults for prefs progress (settings should be removed from constructors later) + some german variables renaming.  
5511 5598d 21h cbradney / #3836: Remove default white background on image frames  
5510 5598d 21h cbradney / #3836: Remove whit background default from image frames  
5509 5598d 22h cbradney / #3834: Changing to en_US is not possible  
5508 5598d 22h cbradney / #3834: Changing to en_US is not possible  
5507 5600d 00h subik / restore defaults progress. Still lots todo...  
5506 5600d 12h cbradney / Backport the ability to draw lines for text columns  
5505 5600d 17h avox / fix for compiling against Freetype 2.2.1  
5504 5600d 21h subik / #1764: Preference: make a restore defaults button for every preference section - part one: apply changes button  
5503 5600d 22h cbradney / Add in Dzongkha (Bhutan) GUI translation  
5502 5600d 22h subik / #3056: implement an Apply button to the document setup  

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