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5648 5908d 18h cbradney / Add in makefiles.. oops  
5647 5908d 18h cbradney / Move file saving into 1.3.3 plugin. Hardcoded to only go into 1.3.3 format for now.  
5646 5908d 18h cbradney / Make sure currDoc is null on tree.cpp startup  
5645 5908d 20h cbradney / Some minor fixes, including allowing of loading Scribus 0.x and 1.0 docs  
5644 5908d 20h cbradney / Attempt at not building libart if we want cairo  
5643 5908d 20h cbradney / Some old fileloader code cleaned away  
5642 5908d 20h cbradney / Move file loading into File Loader plugins  
5641 5908d 22h cbradney / Add in 1.2.x and 1.3.x file readers. Rest of code to come.  
5640 5909d 00h jghali / correct incompatible image size for cursor on windows  
5639 5909d 01h jghali / correct incompatible image size for cursor  
5638 5909d 01h jghali / file Rotieren2.png was initially added on branch Version133x.  
5637 5909d 06h fschmid / Some more improvements for the layer blendmodes, display should be now mostly correct.  
5636 5910d 01h jghali / based on info from lcms doc, set proofing intent to relative colorimetric when calling cmsCreateProofingTransform, an option should be later added to set proofing intent to absolute colorimetric  
5635 5910d 15h avox / added ~/create/swatches to the search dirs on OSX  
5634 5910d 15h avox / support swatches in the table format which Pantone uses  
5633 5910d 18h avox / initial commit of the deSAXe library  
5632 5910d 23h avox / Update OSX build instruction after naig built Scribus on an Intel-Mac  
5631 5911d 20h jghali / fix for #3057: code update following cursor image changes  
5630 5911d 20h jghali / fix for #3057: code update following cursor image changes  
5629 5911d 20h jghali / fix cursor images for #3057) : although QCursor can be assigned qpixmaps of any size, effective support depends of the underlying system (cf QCursor doc). Reduced 20x20 pngs to 16x16 (supported by windows)  

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