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5677 5617d 06h mrdocs / fix ��������������������������  
5676 5617d 07h fschmid / Fixed Bug #3842.  
5675 5617d 07h cbradney / #3415: Create better names for duplication of master pages  
5674 5617d 07h fschmid / Implemented Preflight checks for Layer transparency and Layer blendmodes.  
5673 5617d 11h avox / Fix crashes #3881 and #3886  
5672 5617d 11h fschmid / Fixed Bug #3891.  
5671 5617d 13h cbradney / Bump plugin API version after fileloader changes  
5670 5617d 14h avox / Making deSAXe more configurable  
5669 5617d 15h cbradney / Reduce FileLoader import code and rely on inheritance  
5668 5617d 16h cbradney / #3880: Fix crash due to uint used instead of int.  
5667 5617d 16h cbradney / #3880: uint MAX-1 !<0.. duh.  
5666 5617d 16h cbradney / Remove commented out code after fileloader work.  
5665 5617d 16h fschmid / Applied the changes to the Layer palette to the Extended Image Properties palette too.  
5664 5617d 17h fschmid / Removed the "Preview" button from the statusbar. Preview Mode is now toggled on or off
in the View menu. Replaced the "Thumbnails" entry for that purpose. Note: this is only
done in the cairo build. The libart build will not have a Preview Mode as its impossible to
get that working with libart.
5663 5617d 19h craig / Update .cvsignore for CMakeFiles, cmake_install.cmake  
5662 5617d 19h craig / ignore cmake generated files  
5661 5617d 19h craig / Ignore cmake generated files  
5660 5617d 20h fschmid / Small margins for the Layer palette.  
5659 5617d 21h jghali / compatibility fixes for mingw  
5658 5618d 03h avox / Add ~/create/swatches and ~/.create/swatches to default path on OSX  

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