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5865 5624d 07h tsoots / Add a missing Q_OBJECT  
5864 5624d 10h craig / More CVS ignore fixes  
5863 5624d 10h craig / More cvsignore fixes  
5862 5624d 10h craig / file .cvsignore was initially added on branch Version13x.  
5861 5624d 10h craig / ... except that we DON'T follow the stuffbase.ui convention reliably, it turns out.

Replaced with generated list.
5860 5624d 10h craig / Have CVS ignore:
to avoid the need to cvsignore these cases individually. We've been following
the convention ofusing namebase.ui for some time; this just tells CVS about it.
5859 5624d 19h tsoots / Selection now emits selectionChanged() when selection has been changed. SM follows selection's line style now.  
5858 5624d 19h cbradney / Better temp file handling, should be happy on Win32 too.  
5857 5624d 19h cbradney / Updated checker, use system generated temporary filename for incoming data.  
5856 5624d 20h mrdocs / new screenies for new preferences  
5855 5624d 20h cbradney / Add in basics for an upgrade checker. Run scribus -u on cmd line to test. Grabs an xml file from and runs some version checks.  
5854 5624d 20h cbradney / file upgradechecker.h was initially added on branch Version13x.  
5853 5624d 20h cbradney / file upgradechecker.cpp was initially added on branch Version13x.  
5852 5625d 07h mrdocs / resolves # 3987 updated German Translation  
5851 5625d 08h subik / Preferences are split into separate panels (designer files mainly). Performance fixes (only one issue left - but identified).  
5850 5625d 20h tsoots / Initial SM gui work  
5849 5625d 21h mrdocs / updates  
5848 5625d 21h mrdocs / more qtconfig updates  
5847 5625d 22h mrdocs / updates for qtconfig  
5846 5626d 21h jghali / replace all bool args in CustomFDialog ctor by a combination of enum flags, makes the code more readable  

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