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6031 5777d 08h mrdocs / update and add CVS link  
6030 5777d 08h jghali / disable rgb printer profiles detection as those are not supported in 133x branch  
6029 5777d 10h tsoots / Some more SM progress  
6028 5777d 11h jghali / remove ugly and unneeded utf8 encoded QCString to QString conversion  
6027 5777d 18h subik / autoguides saving/loading  
6026 5777d 22h subik / save attrs fix  
6025 5778d 02h tsoots / Limited editing using SM is now possible  
6024 5778d 09h fschmid / Fixed Bug #3926  
6023 5778d 09h tsoots / Some more SM changes. Separate p/cstyle styleitems from the gui stuff.  
6022 5778d 10h cbradney / 0 length Lorem string fix  
6021 5778d 10h cbradney / 0 length Lorem string fix  
6020 5778d 18h fschmid / Added a checkerboard background to the previews in CustomFileDialog and Effectsdialog.  
6019 5779d 03h tsoots / SM can now (almost) show the style attributes from existing styles.  
6018 5779d 09h mrdocs / updates  
6017 5779d 09h mrdocs / change log updates, updates from 134 and changes for releasing  
6016 5779d 12h subik / #4059: pt_BR translation update  
6015 5779d 15h jghali / remove potential encoding issue  
6014 5779d 15h jghali / remove potential encoding issue  
6013 5779d 17h jghali / remove some ugly loadText() and replace them by more appropriate loadRawText()  
6012 5780d 06h tsoots / Dirty hack to fix crawling issue here. Please see if your docs load and behave as expected. (commented with FIXMEs)  

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