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6221 5835d 18h fschmid / Backported fix for Bug #4144  
6220 5836d 01h fschmid / Fixed Bug #4144  
6219 5836d 02h subik / Craig B's notes on guides dialogs.  
6218 5836d 03h fschmid / Backported fix or bug #4163  
6217 5836d 03h fschmid / Fixed Bug #4163  
6216 5836d 17h cbradney / Add missing QString include  
6215 5836d 17h cbradney / Add missing QString include  
6214 5836d 19h fschmid / PS and PDF Export: Shadowed text is working again.  
6213 5837d 00h fschmid / Reenabled the use of embedded Fonts in the PDF Export.  
6212 5837d 01h subik / #3348: Add a button to delete all guides at once to the guides dialog + various gude-related fixes  
6211 5837d 16h cbradney / Fatal error when we cannot find TIFF building with CMake  
6210 5837d 16h cbradney / Rename LCMSConfig to FindLCMS after CMake 2.4.x changes. Should make LCMS detection work correctly again. Now closer to standard CMake Findxxxx.cmake standard.  
6209 5837d 16h cbradney / file FindLCMS.cmake was initially added on branch Version13x.  
6208 5837d 17h jghali / avoid making recursive profile search when loading doc, can take a bit long if doc is at the root of a drive  
6207 5837d 19h mrdocs / bump the date and update the change log for a snapshot  
6206 5838d 01h subik / some propably fixes for #2991: Path separators should be a backslash on windows  
6205 5838d 02h fschmid / Backported fix for Bug #4154  
6204 5838d 02h fschmid / Fixed Bug #4154  
6203 5838d 02h subik / automatic guides are computed now (no lists presented). It's much simpler imo.  
6202 5838d 05h fschmid / First steps to get embedded Fonts in PDF working again.
Added missing "/" chars in the /Differences array.
Need to figure out how to get the correct values for /FontBBox and the other metric related informations.
The /Differences array is also wrong at the moment.

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