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6443 5717d 08h avox / use preprocessor to define style attributes  
6442 5717d 11h cbradney / -Rearrange includes in cwdialog
-Rewrite and add functionality to multiple duplicate (unfinished, almost there)
-Add width() and height() to selection class.
6441 5717d 11h cbradney / Add in new multiple duplicate classes  
6440 5718d 12h cbradney / Fix oops moc include  
6439 5718d 12h mrdocs / resolves # 4278  
6438 5719d 01h subik / #3493: colorwheel: colors are shown as CMYK automatically + dialog is now UICed so you can change it easy.  
6437 5719d 12h cbradney / Update en_GB ts file  
6436 5719d 13h cbradney / Updated TS and po files  
6435 5719d 13h cbradney / Updated ts, po, pot, pro files. Fix some strings  
6434 5719d 14h cbradney / Updated TS and po files  
6433 5719d 14h cbradney / Fix some typos  
6432 5719d 14h mrdocs / bump the date
update the change log
resolve # 4275
6431 5719d 20h fschmid / Display stays now correct when patters are loaded with "Load Set"  
6430 5719d 22h fschmid / Added progress bar indication for loading patterns.  
6429 5719d 22h fschmid / Added progress bar indication when recalculating pictures.  
6428 5720d 01h fschmid / Fixed Bug #4244  
6427 5720d 01h fschmid / Fixed Bug #4244  
6426 5720d 03h fschmid / Fixed non-working preview resolution switching.  
6425 5720d 15h fschmid / Small fix for patterns containing text frames.  
6424 5720d 21h fschmid / Hopefully last committ for the pattern fills. Recalculating colors is now taking patterns into account.  

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