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7242 5644d 09h avox / preserve formatting when joining stories with different default styles  
7241 5644d 09h tsoots / Final tuning of the Finnish translation for  
7240 5644d 14h avox / * dont consume show events
* dont send NewFont event to main window
7239 5644d 14h cbradney / Put cmake cvs version detector back in. If you CMake does not include FindCups.cmake, then regrab and reinstall cleanly.  
7238 5644d 14h cbradney / Set fatal error when cmake 2.4.3 isnt found  
7237 5644d 15h fschmid / Fixed incorrect bitmap patterns when you change Colormanagement setttings.  
7236 5644d 16h fschmid / Fixed Bug #4487  
7235 5644d 16h fschmid / Fixed Bug #4487  
7234 5644d 17h fschmid / OpenOfficeDraw Importer: import only the 1st page when in interactive mode.  
7233 5644d 18h avox / fixed tab placement in PS and PDF output  
7232 5644d 18h avox / removed the cludge of using the defaultstyle for the last paragraph if not ended by PARSEP  
7231 5645d 05h avox / fix tabs  
7230 5645d 08h subik / #4689: Columns and Gap inverted in New Dialog (with Auto text frame checked)  
7229 5645d 10h avox / fix bug where first char of story would pick up style attributes from current char position when clicking into textframe  
7228 5645d 19h fschmid / Fixed drawing issue with the selection rectangle at high zoom levels.  
7227 5645d 19h fschmid / Fixed wrong slot connection in marginWidget.cpp  
7226 5646d 03h cbradney / Convert MarginStruct to a class with a copy constructor  
7225 5646d 03h cbradney / Also use MarginStruct for Bleeds  
7224 5646d 04h tsoots / some more fine tuning with the finnish translation  
7223 5646d 04h mrdocs / FIXME for tooltip - no change to code or strings  

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