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7960 5478d 11h avox / load char traccking value (was ignored before)  
7959 5478d 12h avox / enable defaultstyle inheritance again, sanituze font lookup  
7958 5478d 12h avox / rework style update system  
7957 5478d 12h avox / Make ScColor() a sickly brown, so people dont use it accidentally  
7956 5478d 12h avox / cleanup & diagnostics  
7955 5478d 14h fschmid / Fixed 2 dangerous constructs in scribus.cpp and shadebutton.cpp  
7954 5478d 16h subik / #4611: Scripter Hangs when sample paragraph is enabled  
7953 5478d 22h cbradney / include the moc and sctext .h file  
7952 5478d 23h avox / explicit initialisation of super object  
7951 5478d 23h cbradney / include storytext.h in story.h  
7950 5478d 23h cbradney / Add void  
7949 5478d 23h avox / add missing source style.cpp  
7948 5478d 23h cbradney / Add style.cpp to makefiles  
7947 5479d 00h cbradney / commit missing consts from previous commit  
7946 5479d 00h cbradney / include qsignal.h  
7945 5479d 00h avox / next try for signals in StyleBase  
7944 5479d 00h cbradney / Two helper functions for Tsoots for 4565 and some other minor changes for replace style functions  
7943 5479d 00h cbradney / Stop forcing debug builds with cmake  
7942 5479d 03h avox / make StyleBase, StyleSet and StoryText QObjects so they can use signals  
7941 5479d 03h cbradney / Also install the new icon  

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