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7976 5361d 23h fschmid / fixed Compiler warnings.  
7975 5362d 00h cbradney / Stop leaking the QSyntaxHighlighter  
7974 5362d 00h avox / fix compiler warnings  
7973 5362d 00h cbradney / fix uint vs int comparison  
7972 5362d 00h avox / fix compiler warning  
7971 5362d 00h cbradney / new pro file  
7970 5362d 00h cbradney / Work around the daftness of autotools.. and split up this file a little.  
7969 5362d 00h avox / fix "used before initialized" warnings  
7968 5362d 01h avox / init FPoint() to (0,0)  
7967 5362d 01h tsoots / Fixed the new button in SM  
7966 5362d 02h jghali / add missing SCRIBUS_API declaration  
7965 5362d 02h avox / fix bug when loading pstyle information, eg. tabs (#4919)
fix bug when pstyle of last par wasnt saved
7964 5362d 02h avox / this fixes pathtext for me  
7963 5362d 05h avox / fix #4914 (insert par breaks tabs)  
7962 5362d 06h fschmid / Fixed Bug #4981  
7961 5362d 09h fschmid / Added ID's "Skew" mode to the Pathtext modes.  
7960 5362d 11h avox / load char traccking value (was ignored before)  
7959 5362d 11h avox / enable defaultstyle inheritance again, sanituze font lookup  
7958 5362d 11h avox / rework style update system  
7957 5362d 11h avox / Make ScColor() a sickly brown, so people dont use it accidentally  

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