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8194 5769d 05h avox / remove diagnostic names from styles, implement saxx() method  
8193 5769d 05h avox / start to reimplement serializer based on deSaXe and the new fileformat  
8192 5769d 05h avox / cosmetics  
8191 5769d 05h avox / remove diagnostic names from styles  
8190 5769d 05h avox / write new 14 fileformat to ./tmp-scribus.xml in slotEditCopy  
8189 5769d 05h avox / remove serializer import  
8188 5769d 07h cbradney / Add .cvsignore to new dtd dir  
8187 5769d 14h cbradney / Bump the about date  
8186 5769d 14h cbradney / Bump about date  
8185 5769d 15h subik / #5296: Insert Glyph does not insert; + small fixes based on users' comments  
8184 5769d 16h fschmid / Fixed incorrect textoverflow warning for path text items.  
8183 5769d 17h fschmid / Fixed Bug #4716  
8182 5769d 20h fschmid / Fixed crash when closing documents with InlineObjects used.  
8181 5769d 20h fschmid / Made "Multiple Duplicate" in "Gap" mode working better.  
8180 5769d 22h fschmid / Follow up to the last commit, selection rectangle is now drawn correctly again  
8179 5769d 22h fschmid / Restored the PageItem::FrameOnly variable because it was needed to avoid drawing artifacts when sizing objects.  
8178 5770d 07h jghali / needed update after avox changes related to embedded objects  
8177 5770d 10h avox / drop the fields "Tinput" and "FrameOnly" from PageItem class  
8176 5770d 10h avox / add checks for invalid arrowindices, see #4082  
8175 5770d 10h avox / reorganize: pute SpecialChars into its own sourcefile, add licence info  

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