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8250 5369d 18h cbradney / #5340: New pt translation  
8249 5370d 00h fschmid / Some more fixes for "Dia" shapes import, reenabled them in the "Patterns" Dialog too.  
8248 5370d 01h fschmid / Reenabled the "Dia" shape importer, much better import now -> resolving bug #5084  
8247 5370d 17h cbradney / Bump Mr About  
8246 5370d 17h cbradney / I think we should be deleting these qstringlists?  
8245 5370d 19h cbradney / Some icon updates for outline palette  
8244 5371d 03h fschmid / Outline Palette: cleaned out unused signals and slots we won't use anymore.  
8243 5371d 04h fschmid / Outline Palette: added dynamic Tooltips  
8242 5371d 05h fschmid / Outline Palette: implemented the context menue for pages too.  
8241 5371d 06h fschmid / Fixed Bug #532 and #717  
8240 5371d 07h fschmid / Outline Palette: better icons for PDF Annotations and Fields.  
8239 5371d 10h avox / fix #5202  
8238 5371d 16h avox / fix hangup when using '**'  
8237 5371d 16h avox / use the svgpath code which is now in fpointarray  
8236 5371d 16h avox / fix another place where svgState might get uninitialized  
8235 5371d 18h cbradney / Bump the about date  
8234 5371d 18h cbradney / Bump about date  
8233 5371d 18h fschmid / Outline Palette:
- reenabled renaming of objects
- fixed incorrect object selection when switching from masterpages to normal pages.
8232 5371d 19h avox / small fix to make compiler happy  
8231 5371d 20h jghali / improve support for svg files exported from OpenOffice Draw :
- avoid excessively large dimensions
- better parsing of text position

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