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8350 5400d 13h fschmid / Fixed Bug #5385  
8349 5401d 00h jghali / fix compilation error with msvc2005  
8348 5401d 00h avox / fix faulty string comparison  
8347 5401d 00h jghali / - fix comparison of string literals
- fix link error with msvc2005
8346 5401d 00h avox / who says there can be only one bug per line? :-(  
8345 5401d 01h cbradney / Fix typo  
8344 5401d 01h avox / remove stupid 'static' from definition of Style::desaxeRules, move style.cpp in  
8343 5401d 01h avox / move style.cpp into styles/  
8342 5401d 04h cbradney / Dont force debug builds anymore in 1338 with cmake  
8341 5401d 04h cbradney / Updated qm files and pot,pro files  
8340 5401d 04h cbradney / New po and ts files  
8339 5401d 05h tsoots / Fixed a few wrong translations  
8338 5401d 05h tsoots / Updated Finnish translation  
8337 5401d 08h avox / first stab at linestyles(not used yet), some style-related cleanup  
8336 5401d 12h fschmid / Changed the main widget of the Scrapbook to a QToolBox instead of a QTabWidget. Looks better in
my opinion and gives a better overview of all open scrapbook files.
8335 5402d 01h jghali / fixes to make compilation by msvc 2005 possible  
8334 5402d 01h avox / avoid wrong relayout which cut of head of text  
8333 5402d 01h avox / make idrefs conform to XML ID attribute type (start with letter)  
8332 5402d 02h cbradney / Add Esperanto sample files to 1338  
8331 5402d 02h cbradney / Also install the esperanto sample text  

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