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9698 5600d 13h jghali / fix #5777 : allPrinters method only returns ['FILE'] on Windows  
9697 5601d 00h craig / That approach was actually no better than the existing manually updated build date,
as $Rev$ is specific to a file, not a branch. See: Craig is a twit.


I'll do this properly, using `svnversion' as part of the build process and the
tarball creation process, soon.
9696 5601d 01h craig /  
9695 5601d 02h craig / Remove the rest of the build date stuff  
9694 5601d 04h craig / Don't display the old "build date"; we can do the right thing automatically now.
I expect this should be OK, but if you want to keep it just revert this revision.

I haven't removed anything but it's display, since there's some code (andreas')
that uses the build date.
9693 5601d 04h craig / Show the subversion revision and change date this build of Scribus was created from in the about dialog.  
9692 5601d 04h craig / Provide a couple of convenient functions in svndate.h to extract the revision number
and get the date in a useful format.
9691 5601d 07h craig / Add `svndate.h' that'll define SCRIBUS_SVN_DATE and SCRIBUS_SVN_REV to
the date the current revision was committed to svn and the revision number,
9690 5601d 10h cbradney / Updated install docs for the SVN switch.  
9689 5601d 10h malex / Stable Scribus releases  
9688 5601d 11h cbradney / Clean clean clean our cmake files.. use GLOB on some like docs so all we have to do is add the file to the directory and it will be installed. Remove the old IFs for MOC/UIC that were commented out.  
9687 5601d 12h malex / Create a top directory for debian files  
9686 5601d 12h mrdocs / version bump  
9685 5601d 16h tsoots / Test commit from eclipse  
9684 5602d 10h cbradney / Bump the about date  
9683 5602d 10h cbradney / Fix target name oops in change  
9682 5602d 11h cbradney / Remove libart references  
9681 5602d 11h cbradney / Comment, space, clean and update the scribus dir CMakeLists.txt file, remove libart references  
9680 5602d 11h cbradney / Comment, space, clean and update the main CMakeLists.txt file  
9679 5602d 11h cbradney / Set find quietly on littlecms finder  

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