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10153 5468d 08h mrdocs / updates  
10152 5468d 08h cbradney / Remove unused Qt3 includes  
10151 5468d 09h cbradney / Remove unused Qt3 includes  
10150 5468d 12h jghali / fix compiler error when compiling without cairo  
10149 5468d 17h cbradney / Fix include case and sort #includes  
10148 5469d 04h jghali / new wmf import plugin  
10147 5469d 04h jghali / some simplifications in layer loading code thanks to new layer api  
10146 5469d 08h jghali / more layer stuff  
10145 5469d 21h fschmid / Fixed Bug #5954.  
10144 5470d 06h jghali / - fix #5826
- improve behavior when deleting bottom layer while keeping items: send items to upper layer
10143 5470d 06h mrdocs / clarify Qt3/Qt4 requirements  
10142 5470d 07h cbradney / More format detection changes  
10141 5470d 08h cbradney / More format detection changes  
10140 5470d 08h jghali / first bricks of a new layer api  
10139 5470d 09h fschmid / Minor fix in the toQPainterPath function.  
10138 5470d 09h fschmid / Rewrote the Pathtext drawing with QPainterPath functions.  
10137 5470d 22h jghali / add missing SCRIBUS_API declaration necessary to link plugins on Windows  
10136 5471d 06h cbradney / Increate format detection capability in formatutils and use in many places  
10135 5471d 07h cbradney / Fix loading of correct language help files when non english GUI is used  
10134 5471d 08h cbradney / one by one (or a few), update the ts files  

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