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12046 5212d 00h jghali / #6980 : the alignment of the last paragraph is used for the whole text in the SE  
12045 5212d 14h jghali / fix broken DnD of objects from scrapbook on Windows : QUrl path() may not return what is expected (cf. Qt docs)  
12044 5213d 00h subik / Updated doxygen version + devel-docs readability improved  
12043 5213d 04h subik / fixed guides editor (all results were 0)  
12042 5213d 21h subik / #5814: Give barcode creator unique name for undo actions  
12041 5214d 01h jghali / move ScXmlStreamWriter class in its own file  
12040 5214d 01h jghali / add missing file from previous commit  
12039 5214d 02h jghali / - fix #5405 : SXD/ODG/SVG import : text alignement not correct when importing file in a new doc
- fix #6594 : Text frames lose alignment when sent to the Scrapbook
12038 5214d 14h cbradney / 6967: Dont call AdjustItemSize for new items  
12037 5214d 17h cbradney / 7000: Updated Slovenian translation  
12036 5215d 03h fschmid / Calculate translation values correctly when the documents unit isn't points.  
12035 5215d 13h cbradney / 6992: Updated Slovenian translation  
12034 5216d 13h cbradney / 6973: call doc->changed() from DocUpdater  
12033 5216d 13h cbradney / Bump the about date  
12032 5216d 15h jghali / fix compilation of new transform effect plugin on Windows  
12031 5216d 17h fschmid / New Tool: Object transformation a la Illustrator. Not exactly the same, but a bit more powerful.  
12030 5216d 17h fschmid / Update the state of the properties palette correctly after TextToPath()  
12029 5216d 17h fschmid / Some small tweaks.  
12028 5216d 17h fschmid / Correct division by 2.0 in the transform calculations.  
12027 5216d 17h fschmid / Small tweak to load documents with a lot of groups faster.  

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