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12788 4779d 11h jghali / fix ScGzFile::atEnd() not overriding QIODevice::atEnd() (coverity scan)  
12787 4779d 16h pierre / 0007360: New styles should pick up hyphenation settings from doc settings if they do not inherit from another style
It led to a bit of rewriting:
- Informations regarding hyphenation dict files available is now part of LanguageManager.
- LanguageManager is now a singleton.
12786 4779d 23h pierre / custom size cursors: now build cursors on demand - added comments  
12785 4780d 10h fschmid / SVG Importer: support for Images (internal and external linked)  
12784 4780d 13h fschmid / AI Importer: some small improvements for patterns.  
12783 4780d 19h pierre / Added a custom cursor for Size family in order to allow rotation when resizing an frame.
One could object that it ruins cursor theme idea.
12782 4781d 10h jghali / #7580 (part of) : fix layout using previous char style instead of current one  
12781 4782d 00h subik / #7578: Add Scribus Color Script Collection to distribution  
12780 4782d 00h subik / #7578: Add Scribus Color Script Collection to distribution  
12779 4782d 09h cbradney / #7524: Reselect items after the item conversion process is run  
12778 4782d 12h fschmid / Added a context menu to the ruler corner widget which allows to reset the ruler origin or to move the origin to some reasonable places.  
12777 4782d 12h fschmid / Removed some unneeded code.  
12776 4782d 12h fschmid / HUD Display for moving Guides and Ruler Origin  
12775 4782d 12h jghali / move canvas edit mode to its own CanvasMode  
12774 4783d 11h jghali / fix incorrect drawing of gradient vectors controls  
12773 4783d 11h cbradney / Bump about date  
12772 4783d 12h jghali / remove some unused variables  
12771 4783d 15h cbradney / Minor reduction of path along path code  
12770 4783d 17h jghali / move canvas gradient edit mode to its own CanvasMode  
12769 4783d 18h cbradney / Fix typo in cairo change  

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