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12930 4743d 13h jghali / #7641 (part of) : prevent user to create master page whose name is empty  
12929 4744d 04h jghali / 7357 (second part) : infinite loop or crash when default style has a parent
When user edit default styles, explain why parent combo is disabled
12928 4744d 05h jghali / - #7636 : fonts in text frames changed or not visible
The issue was caused by conflict between CharStyle and ParagraphStyle "DefaultStyle" attributes. Solved by taking into account that default styles are named styles
- solve problems when loading/saving pathtext elements
12927 4746d 04h cbradney / #7636: Fix handling of translated to standard strings for item attributes  
12926 4747d 03h jghali / - fix potential file corruption issue caused by incorrect assignment of an int to a QString in print dialog
- some little fixes for future compilation with QT_NO_CAST_FROM_ASCII
12925 4747d 05h cbradney / Updated pro file  
12924 4747d 06h fschmid / Fixed Bug #7630: "Font used in paragraph style does not get added to "Available Fonts" list in PDF Export"  
12923 4747d 06h fschmid / The fill rule buttons are now working correct.  
12922 4747d 06h fschmid / Some fixes for named Linestyles and visual bounding boxes etc...  
12921 4747d 06h fschmid / Some more fixes for the "Convert Stroke to Path" tool.  
12920 4748d 06h fschmid / The "Convert Stroke to Path" tool converts now linestyles correctly.  
12919 4748d 07h fschmid / Fixed Bug #7634: "Text alignment problem when importing a ps file."  
12918 4748d 19h cbradney / Bump ts files  
12917 4749d 02h jghali / Better detection of default styles when loading older 134+ docs whose styles don't have the DefaultStyle attribute set. That fix and previous commit fixes also fix #7142 (pdf export hang when a default style has a parent style)  
12916 4749d 02h jghali / #7357 (at least part of) : infinite loop or crash when default style has a parent
It is now forbidden at the api and gui level to set a parent to a default style
12915 4749d 02h jghali / style manager : forbid style hierarchy that would create an infinite loop  
12914 4749d 04h jghali / style manager : fix issue when trying to assign one of the default style as parent  
12913 4749d 05h cbradney / 6th point in 7636, add tr call - fix oops  
12912 4749d 05h cbradney / 6th point in 7636, add tr call  
12911 4750d 04h mrdocs / resolves part of #7442  

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