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1393 6200d 17h cbradney / Remove test code from undo palette  
1392 6200d 17h cbradney / Apply Craig Ringer's patch for flipped variables #1623
Rewrite the KeyManager to use actions and their shortcuts.
Nuke Keyboard shortcuts from 1.2 on prefs migration as they will not be compatible and wont match up with the new ones
Temporarily disable some functions using old keymap functionality.
1391 6200d 19h tsoots / Setting an end/start arrow for a line is now undoable  
1390 6200d 19h tsoots / Added icon for arrow undo actions  
1389 6200d 20h subik / #1614 documentation  
1388 6200d 20h subik / #1614 documentation  
1387 6200d 20h subik / #1614 scaleImageToFrame  
1386 6200d 20h tsoots / Made applying custom line styles undoable  
1385 6200d 21h tsoots / Made changing linewidth/end/join undoable  
1384 6200d 21h cbradney / Add in Craig Ringer's Macro Manager and updated language list.  
1383 6200d 22h tsoots / Made line style changing undoable  
1382 6200d 22h tsoots / Added icon for line style changing undo action  
1381 6201d 02h cbradney / Applied patch from #1616  
1380 6201d 11h mrdocs / version update  
1379 6201d 11h fschmid / Fixed some issues in the Font Preferences Tab  
1378 6201d 13h cbradney / Use 1.3 variable names in 1604 fix!..ugh.  
1377 6201d 13h cbradney / Fix for 1604 fix.  
1376 6201d 13h cbradney / Fix #1604 possible crash scenario  
1375 6201d 16h cbradney / *** empty log message ***  
1374 6201d 16h cbradney / Updated TS->QM files  

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