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19180 3165d 17h craig / #4012: Add standard OSX shortcuts to file dialogs.. cmd d for desktop, cmd up for parent dir, cmd down for selected dir, cmd shift h for home dir. control key on other OSes  
19179 3166d 18h craig / #10217: Remove the missing ghostscript warning. Do not include the Print Preview, Barcode menus, or ps export if it is missing  
19178 3166d 19h craig / #10729: Allow page up/down even when at item is selected  
19177 3167d 15h jghali / Disable svn version display on Windows  
19176 3167d 17h craig / Better version checking/building  
19175 3167d 17h craig / Remove revision file processing, add svnheader.h creation and processing  
19174 3167d 17h craig / Add FIXME for comparison in printer prefs  
19173 3167d 17h craig / Remove revision file installation  
19172 3167d 17h craig / Add subversion finder  
19171 3167d 18h craig / Add SVN revision data to Help About  
19170 3167d 19h craig / Remove Z-Order warning  
19169 3167d 19h craig / Revision file  
19168 3167d 20h craig / #12310: Also select the file if a file is dropped on the file dialog  
19167 3168d 09h jghali / #12334: Typo/Updates after string freeze for 1.4.5.svn  
19166 3168d 18h jghali / #12182: Backport template.xml files to 1.4.5svn  
19165 3169d 01h jghali / fix incorrect inheritance info for ScrSpinBox in some ui files  
19164 3169d 02h jghali / msvc project update  
19163 3170d 07h fschmid / Fix gradient extend property for named gradients.  
19162 3170d 17h craig / Fix OS2 build by properly including undostate in scribusdoc  
19161 3171d 18h craig / #12185: Fix output of text for update checks. Update about date. Fix date in a plist file  

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