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23153 1130d 22h jghali / Remove unused crypt.h header  
23152 1130d 22h jghali / #10988: Snap to items should make the guides snap to items <ale + jghali>  
23151 1131d 03h jghali / #15775: set the default name tag for the AppImage to "nightly"  
23150 1131d 04h jghali / #15775: set the default name tag for the AppImage to "nightly"  
23149 1131d 06h jghali / Small optimization for FPointArray::parseSVG()  
23148 1131d 07h jghali / #15784: imported SVG containing text not rendered properly  
23147 1131d 07h jghali / Remove useless parseSVG() function in svg importer  
23146 1131d 07h jghali / Reduce FPointArray::parseSVG() indentation by returning when possible  
23145 1133d 05h jghali / Refactor BezierMode, CalligraphicMode, and FreehandMode's selectPage()  
23144 1133d 06h jghali / Cleanup code of a few canvas mode by removing unused members and renaning some class members  
23143 1134d 20h jghali / some BezierMode refactoring  
23142 1134d 20h jghali / Remove BezierMode's MoveGX and MoveGY by noticing they are always false  
23141 1134d 20h jghali / Remove BezierMode's shiftSelItems by noticing it is always false  
23140 1134d 20h jghali / Merge undo actions created when creating new Bezier liner  
23139 1134d 20h jghali / Fix broken undo after inserting B├ęzier line  
23138 1134d 21h jghali / #15778: Margins read from printer driver are wrong in landscape mode  
23137 1135d 05h jghali / Some refactoring related to printer margins retrieval  
23136 1136d 19h jghali / #15773: Fix indent in scribus/pageitem_textframe.h <Itoh Shimon>  
23135 1137d 13h craig / Fix compile error with Tpalette hiding in the .ui file  
23134 1137d 18h craig / Use item Selections isEmpty to clean up code  

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