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2619 5956d 16h cbradney / #2168: Polish update for 1.3.0  
2618 5956d 16h cbradney / Remove Craig Ringer from contributors as he is in Developers
Add Andreas Vox to Contributors, and as Mac OSX Aqua porter
2617 5956d 16h craig / Emit a signal when app setup has finished, and provide a simple Python script
to demonstrate how to use it. Plug-ins can also use the same hook to defer
setup until after the app finishes loading, for example if they need access
to the fully built-and-shown main window, or if they need to do things after
all other plugins have finished loading.
2616 5956d 17h subik / anoying // in dir path removed  
2615 5956d 17h subik / anoying // in dir path removed  
2614 5956d 18h subik / scripter console can run all comands at one time.  
2613 5956d 20h subik / size fix (reopened)  
2612 5956d 20h craig / Portability tweak from #2166 - seems MSVC++ doesn't properly scope
identifiers in for loops.
2611 5956d 21h subik / size fix (reopened)  
2610 5957d 02h cbradney / *** empty log message ***  
2609 5957d 03h cbradney / Updated translation pot file.  
2608 5957d 05h craig / Fix #2160 - Import SVGs with Python (Henning Schroeder)  
2607 5957d 12h fschmid / Fixed bug #81, Document Size and Orientation can now be changed at any time.  
2606 5957d 13h cbradney / #1923, #2066: Default the frame width and height keep ratio option on properties palette to on. Stop resetting it to off when selecting a new object and let the user decide.  
2605 5957d 14h tsoots / Removed qdebugs  
2604 5957d 15h tsoots / Fix for corrupted undo stack when using template documents (#2045).  
2603 5957d 17h cbradney / #2159: Rename AppModes to reduce external conflicts  
2602 5957d 20h subik / 2138: Export to image creates smaller output than real (floating fix)  
2601 5957d 20h subik / 2138: Export to image creates smaller output than real (floating fix)  
2600 5958d 03h cbradney / #2156: Turn the Show Console action off with the closeEvent too.  

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