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4529 5833d 17h mrdocs / updated  
4528 5833d 20h fschmid / Fixed Bug #3172  
4527 5833d 21h subik / jean's patch + paths removed from
on win32, hard coded paths should (must?) be avoided : I replaced the QString(PLUGINDATA) by the appropriate ScPaths call
the QString version of callGS is kind of deprecated : using system() calls is ok when Scribus is compiled as a console application (this is the case of my binary snapshots), but produce annoying console windows when compiled as a windows application (case of the 1.3.2 win32 release)
4526 5833d 21h fschmid / Fixed Bug #3058  
4525 5833d 23h fschmid / Fixed Bug #3166  
4524 5834d 11h cbradney / #2596: gah.. again  
4523 5834d 11h cbradney / #2596: Handle not having a doc properly :s  
4522 5834d 12h cbradney / #2596: Fixed 2nd issue of 3, add in menu mgr function to be used later if required.  
4521 5834d 16h subik / #3122: Change the sample text in the font preview window  
4520 5834d 16h subik / #3141: wrong sizes fore create-function  
4519 5834d 16h subik / #3126 - Help index does not have headings  
4518 5835d 10h cbradney / #2596: Fixed 3rd issue of 3.  
4517 5835d 10h cbradney / #2356 and part of #2991: Convert Recent File Menu ScrActions to be the same as a DataQString one and make adjustments to fix the issues.  
4516 5835d 11h mrdocs / updates and fixes  
4515 5835d 11h mrdocs / updates  
4514 5835d 11h mrdocs / fixes and updates  
4513 5835d 12h cbradney / #3165: Delete selected text also when inserting a special glyph from dialog or menus  
4512 5835d 12h cbradney / Convert the DocumentChecker status integers to a readable enum  
4511 5835d 13h cbradney / Remove commented out old code  
4510 5835d 13h subik / #3154: Preflight button always says "ignore errors" even when it finds no errors. Preflight Ver. class is documented now + removed some redundant signals + unecessary attributes are private now.  

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