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8328 5563d 09h avox / write items in level order  
8327 5563d 09h avox / dont delete text when deleting item from chain  
8326 5563d 09h avox / enable old code for copy to scrapbook, improve positioning of pasted items, diagnostics  
8325 5563d 09h avox / improvements to link/unlink, new method dropLinks() which leaves all text in chain  
8324 5563d 10h avox / new esperanto lorem  
8323 5563d 10h avox / file eo.xml was initially added on branch Version13x.  
8322 5563d 10h cbradney / 35334: Dont open SM into edit mode until user selects style type  
8321 5563d 11h cbradney / #5381: Norwegian update  
8320 5563d 20h fschmid / Fixed uppercase/lowercase issues for the unit strings in MSpinbox. eg Pt instead of pt could cause incorrect values.  
8319 5563d 21h fschmid / Better version of the Py_None return fix, now testing for the existance of Py_RETURN_NONE instead
of the compiler version. If it doesn't exists it will be defined exactly the same as in Python 2.4. Done
that in the cmdvar.h file so we can use Py_RETURN_NONE everywhere without any further checks.
8318 5564d 07h cbradney / Bump about date  
8317 5564d 07h cbradney / Bump about date  
8316 5564d 08h cbradney / #5370: Fix button swapping issue  
8315 5564d 08h cbradney / #5370: Fix button swapping issue  
8314 5564d 08h mrdocs / updated Breton translation  
8313 5564d 10h cbradney / Esperanto update  
8312 5564d 11h jghali / fix variables with identical names declared in same loop (detected by msvc2005)  
8311 5564d 11h mrdocs / add 100 more dead bugs to the change log  
8310 5564d 11h mrdocs / minor translation update from Miles the SL translator  
8309 5564d 16h tsoots / removed a few compiler warnings  

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