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25163 2d 12h jghali /branches/ Code cleanup  
25153 6d 14h craig /branches/ Fix build issues with Qt 6.4  
25151 8d 14h craig /branches/ Fix pixmap cache key for fontcombo incorrect state when selected. Some file widget cleanup.  
25147 9d 13h jghali /branches/ Code cleanup  
25145 9d 13h craig /branches/ #16841: Add 1.3.4-1.3.9, 1.4.x opening warning for 1.5.x/1.7.x  
25143 17d 16h jghali /branches/ #16843: Open path with stroke gradient SVG results in closed path in PDF  
25141 17d 16h jghali /branches/ Fix URL of spanish spell dicts  
25139 34d 22h jghali /branches/ Fix build with poppler 22.09.0  
25134 49d 14h craig /branches/ #16834: Update Ghostscript download link  
25132 50d 13h craig /branches/ #16830: Fix cAsE in variables in Findpoppler.cmake  
25129 50d 21h jghali /branches/ #16826: F12 shortcut does not affect Align and Distribute palette  
25127 52d 13h jghali /branches/ #16827: Some objects from left masterpage are not rendered  
25125 64d 14h craig /branches/ Updated barcode generator code from Terry Burton, Scribus comprehensively validates GS1 Digital Link URIs contained within QR Code and Data Matrix barcode symbols  
25121 70d 15h jghali /branches/ Code style fixes  
25119 70d 15h jghali /branches/ #16811: Fix incorrect color used on some stroked paths  
25117 86d 16h jghali /branches/ #16824: Drop shadow of very large shapes shows up wrong in exported PDF  
25115 97d 10h jghali /branches/ Code style fixes for symbol palette  
25113 97d 12h jghali /branches/ #16882: Scribus crash if you delete a symbol in "symbol edit mode".  
25110 110d 13h craig /branches/ #16785: Apply patch to remove include text option for 2D barcodes, goto_coder  
25107 110d 16h jghali /branches/ #16808: Scrapbook dialog dropdown menu has unintuitive icon  

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