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24530 1d 20h jghali /branches/ #16495: Tab-Order in Save as template dialog is a mess  
24397 48d 04h jghali /branches/ Backport r24311: Improve rendering of arc, polygon and spiral widgets in dark mode  
24396 48d 04h jghali /branches/ Backport #16379: fix several issues of low quality display when device pixel ratio is not an integer  
24395 48d 04h jghali /branches/ Fix unwanted change in r24393  
24394 48d 04h jghali /branches/ Backport r24302: Fix canvas drawing in case device pixel ratio is not an integer value  
24393 48d 06h jghali /branches/ #16427: Fix build failure with podofo 0.9.7  
24251 106d 19h craig /branches/ Backport #16327 fix  
24246 107d 00h craig /branches/ Remove debug  
24245 107d 00h jghali /branches/ Fix incorrect usage of icu::BreakIterator's setText()  
24242 107d 14h jghali /branches/ Revert part of hunspell plugin linker issue fix: cause "corrupted double-linked list" issue on application exit  
24241 107d 17h craig /branches/ Add app data from 16324  
24239 107d 17h craig /branches/ Add Gord to contributor list  
24238 107d 17h craig /branches/ Bump versions to, about date, fix hunspell plugin linker issue  
24237 107d 17h jghali /branches/ Bump Windows config and .rc files to  
24236 107d 17h craig /branches/ Create Version156 branch for subreleases  
24214 112d 21h jghali /branches/ Update msvc project to Python 2.7.18 in order to match latest uploaded library packages  
24154 119d 15h jghali /branches/ Small fix to restoration of maximized window state  
24127 122d 04h jghali /branches/ Show spellcheck dialog to user faster by extracting suggestions only when they are about to be displayed to user  
24123 123d 01h jghali /branches/ Fix offset error when extracting sentence of spellchecked word  
24111 125d 20h jghali /branches/ Fix compiler warning  

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