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10756 5172d 22h tsoots /branches/ Applied spelling fixes from hatapitk #6307  
10744 5173d 20h tsoots /branches/ Updated Finnish translation  
10740 5173d 21h mrdocs /branches/ updates/new translations from Christoph and Volker  
10727 5175d 20h jghali /branches/ fix #6278 : Gamut warning doesn't work for vector objects  
10715 5176d 23h jghali /branches/ fix memory leak of QStrings in saveastemplate and newfromtemplate plugins  
10702 5178d 01h jghali /branches/ #fix 6267 : spaces in filenames when exporting one pdf file per page  
10700 5178d 20h mrdocs /branches/ updates/new translations from Christoph and Volker  
10697 5178d 22h mrdocs /branches/ new .de screenies  
10696 5179d 01h tsoots /branches/ Updated Finnish translation  
10693 5179d 07h jghali /branches/ fix #6246 : delete a template, it reappears  
10689 5179d 21h mrdocs /branches/ updates for 1.3.5  
10683 5180d 21h mrdocs /branches/ change the license per Christoph  
10682 5180d 21h mrdocs /branches/ updates/new translations from Christoph and Volker  
10677 5181d 21h mrdocs /branches/ updates to exiting translations  
10670 5183d 03h jghali /branches/ svg importer: fix incorrect parsing of value in some corner case  
10663 5183d 22h mrdocs /branches/ run optipng on all the images  
10661 5184d 00h mrdocs /branches/ new .de screenies  
10659 5184d 10h mrdocs /branches/ fix makefile for build server  
10658 5184d 10h mrdocs /branches/ new translations from Christoph  
10657 5184d 10h mrdocs /branches/ fix alt tag  

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