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11123 5076d 02h cbradney /branches/ 6505: backport of changes from 5103  
11118 5076d 15h malex /branches/ Move dicts to SHAREDIR from LIBDIR  
11117 5076d 16h mrdocs /branches/ updates from Christoph  
11111 5077d 15h malex /branches/ Move dicts from libDir to shareDir  
11102 5078d 02h cbradney /branches/ Rename marginWidget.*  
11100 5078d 02h cbradney /branches/ Rename marginWidget.*  
11099 5078d 03h cbradney /branches/ #6500: Set the page size correctly  
11098 5078d 21h jghali /branches/ another fix for #5444 due to reported problems  
11097 5078d 21h cbradney /branches/ Turn off verbose Makefiles  
11084 5080d 14h mrdocs /branches/ add the new translator and bump the date  
11083 5080d 14h mrdocs /branches/ resolves #6475 and #6496  
11082 5081d 11h jghali /branches/ backport franz's fix for #6497  
11081 5081d 12h jghali /branches/ fix #5444 : broken kerning in PDF forms fields  
11073 5083d 02h jghali /branches/ add protection against possible division by 0  
11059 5087d 11h malex /branches/ Fix a tab in scpaths and update about date  
11058 5087d 14h malex /branches/ Fix a typo in scpaths.h  
11051 5088d 12h malex /branches/ Copy qm translation file directory location changes from 133x to 13x to be able to close the same Debian bug about location of non-arch specific files on this version as well  
11029 5092d 22h jghali /branches/ svg importer: small parsing fix for colors using icc-color definitions, still use fallback color tho  
11014 5096d 10h jghali /branches/ get translations directory from ScPaths  
11001 5097d 12h jghali /branches/ fix #6458: avoid crash when exporting image by adding some protection against QImage memory allocation failure in PageToPixmap()  

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