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11838 5427d 17h fschmid /branches/ Fixed Bug #6870: "Spot colours imported from EPS files are listed twice in the colour dialogs"  
11837 5427d 21h subik /branches/ BleedAndPrintMarks py script is working again on Linux. The color of marks is defined when it does not exist  
11827 5428d 17h jghali /branches/ backport #6512 fix: collect for output does not collect font metrics files for Type1 fonts  
11825 5428d 23h subik /branches/ compile fix  
11824 5429d 03h mrdocs /branches/ - bump the date
- add the new Spanish translator
- add the dev blog in the links
- remove the insane number of tabs for the translator section
11823 5429d 03h mrdocs /branches/ fix .desktop file to make FC/RH/Centos happy  
11821 5429d 13h jghali /branches/ pdflib : fix incorrect conversion of external links in PDF annotation to relative paths  
11819 5429d 13h jghali /branches/ gsutil : fix wrong argument list being used for calling callGS() in LoadPDF()  
11810 5430d 15h cbradney /branches/ Dont remember the language switch in helpbrowser if we cant find one file. We only do this startup in loadMenu now.  
11799 5431d 17h cbradney /branches/ #6858: Change console startup string  
11794 5432d 16h cbradney /branches/ #6855: change string Goto to Go to  
11783 5436d 14h jghali /branches/ #6840 : remember path to last executed script  
11781 5436d 23h mrdocs /branches/ fix from franz to collect images properly  
11780 5437d 17h cbradney /branches/ #6826: Add in scripts from the wiki. Some scripts need work, Christoph/Petr to check.  
11779 5438d 21h jghali /branches/ #6836 : preflight verifier doesn't provide PDF 1.5 as an option  
11778 5438d 23h jghali /branches/ psimport : kill gs process properly when canceling import while Ghostscript is running  
11772 5441d 14h mrdocs /branches/ bump the date  
11771 5441d 14h mrdocs /branches/ update toolbox1 to Acro 8 part 2  
11770 5441d 14h mrdocs /branches/ update toolbox1 to Acro 8 part 1  
11769 5441d 16h mrdocs /branches/ some tweaks and a new link  

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