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13283 4648d 21h fschmid /branches/ Fixed Bug #7682: "Arrows are not affected by line styles", color and thickness of the arrows are controlled by the properites set in the "Line" and "Color" tab of the "Properties" palette. This is no consistent in on screen display and pdf export.  
13264 4652d 15h jghali /branches/ update fr translation  
13261 4653d 16h mrdocs /branches/ bump the about date
add gregp credit
freshen the change log
13260 4653d 16h cbradney /branches/ #7852: Updated ru translaiton for 13313svn  
13258 4653d 17h cbradney /branches/ Updated qm files  
13254 4654d 01h cbradney /branches/ Updated pro files, and German translation files from 7846, and fix occur(r)ence/ed misspelling  
13253 4654d 01h cbradney /branches/ Updated ts files  
13252 4654d 01h cbradney /branches/ Updated po files  
13250 4654d 05h tsoots /branches/ Updated Finnish translation.  
13177 4675d 16h jghali /branches/ #7788 : tab fill characters don't all print  
13151 4683d 18h jghali /branches/ #7777 : scripter isPDFBookmark() complains about textframes not being textframes  
13130 4689d 01h fschmid /branches/ Applied Patch from Bug #7760: "Be able to select action of submit button: send form as HTML, XFDF, PDF, FDF"  
13110 4693d 14h jghali /branches/ fix french translation of "registration color" in new color box  
13109 4693d 14h jghali /branches/ fix issue with gradient initialization  
13108 4693d 15h jghali /branches/ #7757 : gradient with spot colors export wrong  
13082 4697d 12h malex /branches/ Fix .desktop file properties  
13022 4713d 15h jghali /branches/ #7672 (eps objects appear filled with None color after import)
The issue was caused by the None color being wrongfully added in document if document default brush or default pen color were set to "None"
13019 4714d 00h subik /branches/ - CatalanLocalitzation  
13003 4718d 16h mrdocs /branches/ freshen and remove out of date info  
13001 4718d 20h cbradney /branches/ #7667: Add/fix some tooltips  

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