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13509 4839d 23h mrdocs /branches/ delete uneeded branch  
13508 4839d 23h mrdocs /branches/ Branching 1.5.0.svn  
13488 4845d 22h mrdocs /branches/ part of 8022 for  
13486 4845d 22h mrdocs /branches/ bump the date  
13484 4845d 22h mrdocs /branches/ resolves # 8031 Breton translation for  
13483 4845d 23h mrdocs /branches/ part of #8031  
13421 4866d 08h jghali /branches/ #7965 : updated danish translation for Scribus 1.3.3.x  
13419 4867d 04h mrdocs /branches/ push the new version changes  
13413 4868d 22h jghali /branches/ add note related to #7944 ix  
13400 4870d 21h mrdocs /branches/ patch from Marcus Meissner Suse to quell a warning and possible gcc44/45 breakage in the future  
13390 4873d 21h mrdocs /branches/ "Honey - Oops I broke SVN."  
13389 4873d 21h mrdocs /branches/ minor doc fixes  
13388 4873d 22h mrdocs /branches/ bump the about date  
13387 4873d 23h mrdocs /branches/ push the new version changes and some minor updates  
13383 4877d 21h mrdocs /branches/ bump the about date  
13376 4880d 22h jghali /branches/ #7926 : when using centimeters indentation and spacing values won't allow anything but tenth decimals (0.x)  
13370 4884d 12h subik /branches/ #7868: Check and add the csv import script from wiki  
13361 4889d 23h cbradney /branches/ #6877: Updated scripts  
13357 4891d 22h subik /branches/ #7854: Problem with page size with newDocument  
13327 4898d 21h cbradney /branches/ 7885: Add 4 missing tooltips  

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