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13758 4530d 07h jghali /branches/ #8257: incorrect PDF Export of text when outline effect is applied and fonts outlined  
13756 4530d 10h jghali /branches/ #8262: UTF code error in bundled script, italian  
13755 4530d 10h jghali /branches/ #8262: UTF code error in bundled script, italian  
13753 4530d 10h jghali /branches/ #8260 : scribus crashes when closing while story editor active  
13750 4531d 08h jghali /branches/ #8251 (second part) : fix export of articles when exporting to pdf a non contiguous page selection  
13748 4531d 08h jghali /branches/ #8251 (first part) : crash on pdf exporting a page selection with "Save Linked Text Frames as PDF Articles" option enabled  
13744 4534d 06h cbradney /branches/ Bump about date  
13742 4537d 07h pierre /branches/ Fixed - Selection mode in SM.  
13740 4537d 07h pierre /branches/ Fixed - Add "Apply" to contextual menu of style items list in SM only if there‚Äôs only one style item selected  
13739 4538d 06h pierre /branches/ Fixed - prevents a style item selection in the list of Style Manager to apply the style to the current selection. Achieve the same feature by means of an entry at the top of contextual menu for the item.  
13738 4538d 07h pierre /branches/ Fixed - allows compilation against latest versions of PoDoFo where longs have been replaced by pdf_longs to help support 64bits systems.  
13737 4538d 08h mrdocs /branches/ bump the date and prepare releasing 1.3.5.rc3  
13736 4538d 08h mrdocs /branches/ rc3 version bump  
13734 4538d 10h jghali /branches/ #8226: Scripter doesn't allow setting object names  
13732 4540d 06h jghali /branches/ pdf export : workaround to map directly gray to k channel when exporting grayscale images without embedded profile to CMYK  
13730 4540d 15h jghali /branches/ #8219: crash when creating object after renaming master page  
13728 4541d 06h jghali /branches/ #8218 : crash when editing name of a paragraph style  
13725 4541d 06h cbradney /branches/ #8215: Allow Style Manager Palette to change title if it is open when Prefs language changes  
13724 4541d 08h cbradney /branches/ #8215: Allow Master Page Palette to change language if it is open when Prefs language changes  
13722 4541d 09h jghali /branches/ #8208: Manual indent adjustments on ruler work only for 1st paragraph
#8210: Adding tabstops on ruler do not work for several paragraphs

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