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1448 6198d 03h cbradney /branches/ Revert Franz's palette changes as per IRC discussion due to too many issues even on KDE. Future testing to be done on a test palette with the still included KDE class, or perhaps our own class.  
1447 6198d 05h fschmid /branches/ Some tries to fix the wrong behaviour with the Docker Palettes docked to the right side of the screen  
1446 6198d 06h tsoots /branches/ Some improvements on object specific undo  
1445 6198d 06h cbradney /branches/ Make a special action group to allow action based shortcuts enter text.  
1444 6198d 12h fschmid /branches/ Converted most Palettes to Koffice like Docker Palettes, these can be docked to the screen borders, works best with the top and left screen border.  
1443 6198d 13h tsoots /branches/ First implementation of object specific undo  
1442 6199d 07h cbradney /branches/ Sort the secondary key actions and set F1 as default manual launcher.  
1441 6199d 10h cbradney /branches/ Make ScApp emit a signal when prefs are reloaded. Make Undo palette react to the accelerator from its buttons and from the Undo/Redo actions.  
1440 6200d 03h tsoots /branches/ Added icons for eps/svg import undo actions  
1439 6200d 03h tsoots /branches/ Fixed a crash when importing svg/eps/sxw without a doc open  
1438 6200d 03h tsoots /branches/ Added undo action icons for eps and svg importing  
1437 6200d 04h cbradney /branches/ Make the Keyboard Shortcuts Manager sort the first set of actions by menu. More changes to come here. Removed some extra unused actions from scribus.cpp.  
1436 6200d 05h tsoots /branches/ Made ooo draw importing a single undo action  
1435 6200d 05h tsoots /branches/ Made svg importing a single undo action  
1434 6200d 05h tsoots /branches/ Made importing an eps image a single action  
1432 6200d 06h tsoots /branches/ Only set the value if it's been changed (avoid sending unnecessary undo actions).
if (oldValue == newValue)
return; // nothing to do -> return
1431 6200d 06h tsoots /branches/ Fixed usage of setUndoEnabled(). It's now safe to use:

// do your action that will not be registered in action history

Important thing now is that when ever it is set to false it's also set to true when possible. These need to be used as a pair.
1430 6200d 07h tsoots /branches/ Made enabling/disabling undo more invisible to outside UndoManager. It's safe to call setUndoEnabled(true) even if you aren't sure was the undo disabled before you called your own setUndoEnabled(false).  
1429 6200d 12h subik /branches/ prepartions for plugin manager. plugins map structure into scribusstruct.  
1428 6200d 12h fschmid /branches/ Replaced the annoying "Missing Font" Dialogs when loading a Doc with a Dialog in which you can specify all replacements at once  

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