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14755 4608d 19h jghali /branches/ improvements to #8833 fix :
- change ScriptRunning type from bool to int and use it as a counter
- make ScriptRunning private and implement appropriate methods to increment/decrement counter
14751 4609d 03h fschmid /branches/ Backported Fix for Bug #8833: "ScriptRunning boolean flag out of sync after calling placeSVG, placeEPS etc. "  
14746 4609d 18h cbradney /branches/ Bump TS files for 1.3.6 string freeze  
14742 4609d 19h jghali /branches/ #8821 : style editor/manger creeps offscreen
Replace ScrPaletteBase::show() implementation by a showEvent() implementation. QWidget::show() is an inline method and consequently won't allow our implementation to be called when show() is called by Qt internally
14740 4609d 19h jghali /branches/ copy page to master page dialog : fix parameter being passed by value instead of by reference in values() function  
14738 4609d 21h jghali /branches/ #8824: guide manager - column/row - verticals - refer to margins doesn`t work  
14734 4610d 17h jghali /branches/ #8739 : non working line breaking  
14732 4610d 21h jghali /branches/ #8813 : column / row guides are not correctly shown when reopening a document  
14731 4611d 06h fschmid /branches/ Fixed Bug #8816: "Zoom level cannot go below 10%", minimum is now 1%  
14726 4611d 18h jghali /branches/ #8819: use document bleed settings by default when exporting to pdf  
14725 4611d 18h cbradney /branches/ Revert last commit  
14723 4611d 18h cbradney /branches/ Only reenable Undo Manager after running the sample item if it was enabled  
14718 4611d 19h cbradney /branches/ Don't set up the hyphenator if it is not used  
14713 4613d 02h cbradney /branches/ Update splash, and use this in the about dialog  
14711 4613d 03h jghali /branches/ help browser : clear search view for new search  
14703 4613d 08h cbradney /branches/ Bump about date  
14700 4613d 16h jghali /branches/ better fix for #8786  
14697 4613d 19h cbradney /branches/ Some CMake fixes for OSX builds  
14695 4613d 19h jghali /branches/ #8804 : createPolyLine, createPolygon and createBezierLine with explicit id's make scribus crash  
14693 4613d 20h fschmid /branches/ Fixed Bug #8131: "White pixel on left mouse click"  

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