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1519 6434d 09h tsoots /branches/ Flipping a shape or contour line is now undoable  
1518 6434d 10h tsoots /branches/ Turned ItemState into a template class for storing objects for the undo framework.
Reseting contour line is now undoable.
1517 6434d 21h craig /branches/ Add a scripter function, getColorAsRGB, to get the RGB conversion of a
Scribus color.
1514 6434d 21h craig /branches/ renderFont support for selecting format and for returning data to the user,
as requested by sjc.
1513 6434d 21h craig /branches/ Fix to use the new scripter constants, as the old ones were removed a while ago.  
1512 6434d 22h craig /branches/ Fix scripter getColumnGap, setColumnGap, getPageMargin for #1672  
1510 6435d 07h tsoots /branches/ Here's the math needed for the shrink/enlarge undo actions that was left out from the previous commit.  
1509 6435d 08h tsoots /branches/ Made basic shape/contour line edits undoable (ScribusView::TransformPoly())  
1508 6435d 08h tsoots /branches/ Added icon for shape/contour line edit actions  
1507 6435d 08h fschmid /branches/ Fixed Bug #1664 and a crash when adding Template Pages  
1505 6435d 11h fschmid /branches/ Reenabled the alpha channel support in the PDF-Export  
1503 6435d 16h mrdocs /branches/ updates - fixes # 1667  
1502 6435d 18h tsoots /branches/ MSpinBox's key and mouse presses are finally sorted out and undo actions are reported correctly.  
1500 6435d 22h cbradney /branches/ Clean out removed F10 code, make scrapbook close with escape, adjust overwrite file warning to be same as Gimp and Inkscapes new one.  
1499 6435d 22h mrdocs /branches/ added notes on keyboard prefs not migrating  
1498 6435d 22h cbradney /branches/ Update resources document to include wiki information  
1496 6435d 22h mrdocs /branches/ updated  
1495 6437d 08h tsoots /branches/ Made image scaling mode changes undoable (properties palette, image tab)  
1494 6437d 08h tsoots /branches/ Icon for scaling  
1493 6437d 08h cbradney /branches/ Convert palette based key event handling to an event filter in Scribus App. Changes to palettes currently just commented out. Will clean when done some more testing. Added in scanning of more actions, and made F10 for toggling all palettes work again with actions.  

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