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1599 6112d 09h craig /branches/ Add Freetype version check; tidy up version checks  
1597 6112d 09h tsoots /branches/ Removed a debug line that was flooding the terminal when importing.  
1596 6112d 09h subik /branches/ functional plugin manager  
1595 6112d 10h craig /branches/ Explicit check for lcms >= 1.1.2 ; user feedback for version too old.  
1594 6112d 10h mrdocs /branches/ explicit version on lcms  
1592 6112d 10h craig /branches/ Report if fontconfig found, clean up checking for fontconfig  
1590 6112d 10h mrdocs /branches/ updated versions for libraries  
1585 6112d 11h craig /branches/ Don't check libtiff version if no libtiff found  
1584 6112d 11h mrdocs /branches/ updated for 1.3  
1583 6112d 11h craig /branches/ Add result message for libtiff version check  
1582 6112d 11h craig /branches/ Provide some user feedback for libtiff version check  
1581 6112d 11h craig /branches/ Check for libtiff 3.6.0 instead of 3.6.1  
1580 6112d 11h craig /branches/ Initial version of configure test for libtiff 3.6 . Still needs to give more
user feedback, but seems to work. Currently checks for 3.6.1, need to test
that 3.6.0 is OK.
1579 6112d 11h tsoots /branches/ Add oasis text file importer  
1578 6112d 11h tsoots /branches/ Removed unzip code as the unzipping is now implemented using FileUnzip from the core code.  
1577 6112d 11h tsoots /branches/ Fixed a bug where double formatting (f.e. Bold Italic) was ignored.  
1576 6112d 11h tsoots /branches/ Moved unzip code to the core code  
1575 6112d 13h cbradney /branches/ 1760: Update for sq translation  
1573 6112d 21h craig /branches/ Added libart to required packages / dependencies  
1572 6112d 21h craig /branches/ Add Python to recommended libs/dependencies  

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