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16521 3680d 06h craig /branches/ Bump ts files  
16519 3680d 13h craig /branches/ #9879: Updated docs from Greg Pittman  
16518 3680d 15h jghali /branches/ #9865: wrong restore paragraph`s alignment changes  
16515 3680d 20h craig /branches/ Fix oops commit  
16514 3680d 20h craig /branches/ #9378: Move AutoName=false into setItemName, resolves copying between documents and losing the setting  
16512 3681d 06h craig /branches/ #8799: Replace apostrophes in fr,it,eo sample text  
16510 3681d 06h craig /branches/ #9728: Fix crash when drawing a circle  
16507 3681d 07h craig /branches/ #2338: Allow undo/redo of Manage Page Properties  
16506 3681d 08h jghali /branches/ #9878 related : fix potential infinite loop if End value is 65535  
16500 3682d 06h craig /branches/ Bump about date  
16498 3682d 06h craig /branches/ #5095: Allow undo/redo for layer locking  
16496 3682d 06h craig /branches/ #4930: Allow undo/redo for layer transparency and blend mode  
16493 3682d 08h craig /branches/ #9877: Select first entry in recent documents list on welcome dialog  
16491 3682d 14h craig /branches/ Add undo for layer flow settings change  
16489 3682d 18h craig /branches/ #9875: Add in undo/redo for text frame linking and unlinking  
16486 3683d 06h craig /branches/ #9267, #5529: Fix translation issues with None colour when switching GUI language  
16485 3683d 07h craig /branches/ Fix use of tr() for no color  
16484 3683d 08h craig /branches/ Default colour set of Scribus-Small is old naming, Scribus_Small is correct  
16483 3683d 08h craig /branches/ Remove duplicate header include  
16482 3683d 08h craig /branches/ colorm: Avoid Qt FileInfo warning by not attempting to lock the small palette  

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