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16810 3926d 19h jghali /branches/ #10101: "Lock guides" is translated as "Repères fixes" instead of "Repères verrouillés"  
16808 3926d 21h jghali /branches/ #10152 related : correctly select style of current paragraph when clicking story editor sidebar  
16806 3926d 22h jghali /branches/ #10222: current paragraph style not displayed in story editor (+ some refactoring)  
16805 3927d 20h jghali /branches/ make gradient vector edit work again  
16804 3927d 23h jghali /branches/ fix little ooops  
16803 3928d 19h jghali /branches/ merge trunk revisions up to r16802  
16798 3929d 20h jghali /branches/ #10211: Undoing last page deletion crashes Scribus  
16795 3930d 22h jghali /branches/ #10208 : scripter's createParagraphStyle() linespacing parameter don't accept floats  
16794 3932d 20h jghali /branches/ #10172: Duplicated line's outline not drawn while moving  
16793 3937d 21h craig /branches/ Backport #10191 patch  
16790 3937d 21h craig /branches/ #10190: Add options for Ruler Mover for top/bottom centre  
16788 3937d 22h craig /branches/ #10189: Add sk_SK definition to langmgr  
16784 3942d 07h jghali /branches/ #10173: Crash on search/replace with text alignment change  
16782 3942d 21h craig /branches/ Bump about date  
16781 3943d 20h jghali /branches/ merge trunk revisions up to r16780  
16778 3944d 21h jghali /branches/ #10165: Typo in Italian sample text  
16776 3944d 23h jghali /branches/ #10163: put the story editor icons on three lines  
16761 3949d 21h craig /branches/ Fix Polish translator title issue  
16759 3949d 22h craig /branches/ Fix Thai translator info  
16757 3949d 22h jghali /branches/ #10157 : some more fix for TRANSLATION file  

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