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16955 3937d 11h jghali /branches/ #10355: Reading of the PS part size and length from an EPSF is broken  
16952 3938d 22h craig /branches/ Fwd port fixes for #10345 and #10350 to scroll fix branch  
16949 3940d 16h craig /branches/ Doc update from Christoph, Oct/No.5  
16948 3940d 16h craig /branches/ Doc update from Christoph, Oct/No.4  
16942 3943d 19h avox /branches/ more Canvas::scale() encapsulation, remove redrawMarker()  
16940 3943d 23h jghali /branches/ #10350: html importer incorrectly assigns heading styles  
16938 3944d 04h jghali /branches/ #10345 : PP loose contact with document window after dropping group from scrapbook  
16937 3944d 18h jghali /branches/ merge trunk revisions up to r16934  
16936 3944d 19h jghali /branches/ merge trunk revisions up to r16919  
16935 3944d 19h jghali /branches/ merge trunk revisions up to r16917  
16930 3948d 17h craig /branches/ Apply patch to new branch. note, does not compile  
16929 3948d 17h craig /branches/ Copy Version135 to Version135scrollfix  
16928 3949d 17h craig /branches/ #10328: Only set QT_MAC_USE_COCOA and HAVE_CARBON IF(APPLE)  
16925 3950d 00h jghali /branches/ msvc solution cleanups : move scribus main exe project to its own directory, reduce build times by mean of precompiled headers  
16924 3950d 15h jghali /branches/ another optimization for LineControl::endOfLine()  
16920 3951d 00h jghali /branches/ easy speedup for LineControl::endOfLine()  
16914 3955d 17h craig /branches/ Bump another file to rc6  
16912 3955d 17h jghali /branches/ commit patch from cezare to fix a regression related to #10251  
16910 3955d 17h craig /branches/ Bump versions to rc6 and about date  
16909 3955d 17h craig /branches/ More doc updates from Christoph  

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