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17446 3776d 12h craig /branches/ Bump ts files  
17442 3778d 17h jghali /branches/ fix regression when creating lines with constrained angle introduced by #8562 fix (r17393)  
17440 3778d 20h jghali /branches/ #10488 related : handle encoding of string objects in a more graceful way, avoid especially quite a few unnecessary string concatenations when encoding to UTF-16

That allows to produce correct PDF even if form field have parenthesis or slashes in their names
17438 3780d 09h craig /branches/ Commit hunspell out of build for now..  
17437 3780d 09h craig /branches/ Add hunspell based spell checker - not enabled, backup only for now, not enabled in the build  
17435 3780d 11h jghali /branches/ svg import : store font size as a double + some minor refactoring  
17433 3780d 12h jghali /branches/ #10671: incorrect text size when importing svg generated by Dia  
17430 3781d 09h jghali /branches/ #$10510: PNGs with alpha/transparency render incorrectly in acroread when image resolution is changed  
17428 3782d 11h craig /branches/ Add Hunspell CMake Finder script  
17426 3783d 10h craig /branches/ Fix some GUI issues with the Path Operations dialog  
17423 3783d 17h craig /branches/ #9046: Undoing path operations doesn't work as expected  
17416 3789d 10h jghali /branches/ add some comments to last fix  
17414 3789d 10h jghali /branches/ #10658 : Deleting masterpage triggers crash  
17412 3789d 10h jghali /branches/ text import : add support for new unicode line separator (0x2028) and paragraph separator (0x2029)  
17404 3794d 10h jghali /branches/ #10645: When creating Master from Non-Master, first paragraph of styled type becomes underlined  
17402 3795d 08h jghali /branches/ #10642 : text frames on master pages flow around frames on other master pages  
17398 3801d 08h jghali /branches/ fix french translation error  
17395 3802d 09h fschmid /branches/ Fixed Bug 10586: "Script misbehaves with 2 or more opened documents."  
17393 3802d 11h craig /branches/ #8562: Holding Control while creating items now produces squared frames again  
17391 3804d 08h jghali /branches/ merge trunk revisions up to r17390  

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