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17499 3291d 00h craig /branches/ Per Gentoo's app-office/scribus/scribus-1.4.9999.ebuild, add in WANT_NOTEMPLATES for those that don't want to install templates, WANT_NOEXAMPLES to not install script samples (CMake options), only install README.MacOSX for OSX installs  
17495 3293d 05h craig /branches/ Bump hunspell plugin, simplify and clean some more  
17494 3293d 07h craig /branches/ Bump hunspell plugin, simplify a little. Allow the LibreOffice dict finder use the dict dirs properly  
17492 3293d 08h craig /branches/ Add in margin struct functions  
17491 3294d 05h craig /branches/ Bump hunspell some more. Word language now recorded from the char style and the words are checked against that dictionary if it exists. Fix (or break?) StoryText::nextWord.  
17490 3294d 14h craig /branches/ Bump hunspell some more, add it some real finding/use of dicts from common locations  
17489 3294d 23h jghali /branches/ msvc project update: add hunspell plugin  
17488 3294d 23h jghali /branches/ msvc project update : increment version to 1.4.2svn  
17486 3295d 06h craig /branches/ Bump the hunspell checker a bit  
17485 3297d 00h craig /branches/ Update hunspell plugin, plugin manager to allow SE to see plugins, scplugin to have SE plugin attributes  
17484 3297d 00h craig /branches/ Bump about date  
17483 3297d 00h craig /branches/ Bump versions to 1.4.2.svn  
17481 3298d 01h craig /branches/ version bump list file  
17480 3298d 03h jghali /branches/ msvc project update : 1.4.1 version bump  
17479 3298d 03h craig /branches/ 1.4.1 version bumps  
17478 3298d 03h craig /branches/ 1.4.1 version bumps  
17477 3298d 03h craig /branches/ Shrink some IT docs images  
17476 3299d 00h jghali /branches/ french translation update  
17475 3299d 06h craig /branches/ Bump EN GB/AU TS files  
17473 3299d 14h jghali /branches/ win32 printing : fix wrong item bounding box causing attempt to print an object multiple times  

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