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17662 3611d 13h gpittman /branches/ fixed the same typo  
17653 3612d 09h jghali /branches/ #10659: Search/replace for styles fails  
17648 3614d 06h gpittman /branches/ won't fail now if you don't have PIL, ie works on Windows as before  
17637 3617d 04h gpittman /branches/ improved using PIL  
17636 3617d 10h jghali /branches/ fix more build warnings  
17634 3617d 12h jghali /branches/ fix quite a few build warnings  
17632 3617d 18h gpittman /branches/ edit color docs  
17629 3618d 09h jghali /branches/ pdf export : avoid a few unnecessary lookups in the font map and remove some dead code  
17626 3618d 10h jghali /branches/ #10775: keyboard shortcut to quit the help browser  
17623 3618d 15h craig /branches/ Bump TS files  
17622 3618d 16h craig /branches/ #10011: Scripter - add function for change name of page item  
17619 3618d 17h craig /branches/ #9940: Add /Users/craig/.local/share/color/icc to ICC profile locations  
17616 3619d 05h gpittman /branches/ new article on image compression for PDF export - bug #8496  
17612 3619d 17h gpittman /branches/ some minor rearrangements in the colors doc  
17611 3619d 17h gpittman /branches/ tweaked appearance of colorwheel doc  
17608 3620d 05h gpittman /branches/ manual edit colorwheel  
17605 3620d 18h gpittman /branches/ minor edit  
17604 3621d 04h gpittman /branches/ minor edits manual  
17602 3621d 06h gpittman /branches/ editing/adding/rearranging manual info about editing colors  
17600 3622d 03h gpittman /branches/ adding manual article on adding/editing colors  

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